The Argosy Music Company

Our music company aims to work with up and coming artists to produce exciting and original music. We collaborate directly with independent musicians, providing them with a platform from which to develop their work.

We also offer artists the opportunity to collaborate with our theatre branch, exploring the connection between music and theatre. Our belief in the power of music to tell a story lies at the heart of everything we do as a company.


Current Projects:

The House of Edgar Soundtrack

Original Cast and Band recording of The House of Edgar; the debut production of The Argosy Theatre Company. Based on the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe with music and additional lyrics written by Thomas F. Arnold.



  1. The Haunted Palace Original Cast and Band Of "The House of Edgar" 2:46
  2. The Raven Original Cast and Band Of "The House of Edgar" 4:32
  3. Annabel Lee Original Cast and Band Of "The House of Edgar" 5:08

Amp. (Argosy Music Podcast)

Harry George and Thomas F. Arnold host a fortnightly podcast talking to new musicians about their work, inspiration and personal experiences. A fun listen for those interested in discovering new and upcoming artists.

Coming Soon

The Argosy Sessions

Live music performances in unlikely locations. Forever free and always open. We could be anywhere from street corners to hill tops.

Coming Soon