About Us

We are a new multi-artform production company with a passion for creating original work that combines different artistic fields in inventive and unique ways. We use original music and innovative theatre to create exciting and fresh work to surprise, challenge and entertain a wide variety of audiences.

The company has been formed by a group of current and former students from the University of Exeter who met whilst involved in the music and drama scene at the university. Our aim is to create a unique artistic community that allows young, specialist individuals to collaborate with other artists across disciplines.

Our initial model focuses on music and theatre, but in future we hope to expand to involve all of the arts in a truly integrative production company.

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The Argosy Theatre Company

Our theatre group produces original work with an emphasis on exploring the relationship between theatre and music.

We offer emerging theatre makers and performers the chance to be a part of a company which generates bold, imaginative work with a focus on combining innovative writing and original music.

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The Argosy Music Company

The Argosy Music Company aims to work with up and coming artists to produce exciting and original music. We work directly with independent musicians to provide a platform from which to develop their music.

We also offer artists the opportunity to collaborate with our theatre branch, exploring the connection between music and theatre.

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