Our day in the recording studio

Our day in the recording studio

On the day of recording the official soundtrack for The House of Edgar, walking toward Kay House at 9:30am bleary eyed from a fun but rehearsal heavy week, I was anticipating a long day (we had been called from 10 until 5) but what I couldn’t have expected was how much fun the entire experience would be.

Don’t get me wrong, it was not without its challenges. One surprise was how precise the process would have to be. The first few hours were spent getting the mics working and the levels just right (both between the band and chorus and between the chorus and each soloist). This meant a lot of singing the same song over and over again, which set the tone for the rest of the day. As well as we knew each and every one of the songs from the show, as soon as we started recording, the pressure mounted and mistakes were made which meant we had to start again. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as by the end of the day we had ironed out all the kinks in the songs and knew them better than we had thought possible.

My personal highlight was recording ‘Ever With Thee’ alongside Eoin and Amy. I think all three of us would admit that it took a long time to master this song given its tricky rhythms and harmonies and so we were all nervous as we lined up in front of the mics and watched Tom count us in. We proceeded to record the song three times, each better than the time before and came away very proud of the result.

Overall it was a brilliant day. On behalf of everyone involved I must say a special thank you to sound engineers Tom Benson and David Thynne who made it so enjoyable and enlightening.

You can listen to a few of the tracks we recorded below. The full album will be available for download soon.

  1. The Haunted Palace Original Cast and Band Of "The House of Edgar" 2:46
  2. The Raven Original Cast and Band Of "The House of Edgar" 4:32
  3. Annabel Lee Original Cast and Band Of "The House of Edgar" 5:08

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