You got us past our crowdfunder target

You got us past our crowdfunder target

I’ve written a few drafts of this blog post now and haven’t been too happy with any of them. And I think the main reason for this is that they’ve all started along the lines of “We’ve reached our Crowdfunder target” or “we’ve raised £2,000”. And I’m uncomfortable starting like that because we can’t take all the credit.

(Although that isn’t to undermine at all the fantastic efforts of our producers throughout the publicity of this campaign. Thank you Jack and Kelly! From now on, can we refer to you as Jelly? Or Kack? …you’d prefer to be Jack and Kelly? That’s fine too.)

You’ve reached our Crowdfunder target and have trusted our production with £2,000 of funding, which is rather humbling. I speak for all of us working on the show when I say thank you very, very, very much to everyone who has supported us so far by donating or just sharing the campaign.

On top of the money raised, we have had news about the campaign printed in The Exeter Daily and today had our campaign featured on the Crowdfunder UK home page.

Due to the success of the campaign so far we have added a stretch target of £3,000. At the time of writing we are already up to £2,365. If you do still want to help us out you can donate here. If you are unable to spare the money but would still like to support us, share the campaign on your preferred social media platform and you’ll receive an enthusiastic thumbs up from me. You can find out more on our campaign page by clicking here.

Over the coming few weeks as rehearsals hot up we’ll be aiming to bring you much more stuff from the show including photos, videos and blog posts. We can’t wait to share The House of Edgar with you.

Thank you once again.

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