Thank You BTP Exeter

Thank You BTP Exeter

Yesterday we hosted our first cake sale at the University of Exeter to raise money for our new production, ‘The House of Edgar‘.

The bake sale was made possible with support from our local branch of Boston Tea Party, who kindly donated 50 cakes for us to sell. In the cafe, the cakes are sold at around £2.60 each but our agreement allows us to offer them to students at the bargain price of £2.00. But that’s not all, the cafe also gave us a whole stack of promotional cups, each offering a free drink at their cafe, which we handed out with every purchase to sweaten the deal.

We have another bake sale planned for the coming term and together we hope to raise the first £200 we need for the show. Raising this kind of money from a couple of bake sales would be simply impossible without the support of Martyn and his team providing such beautiful cakes for us to sell.

We’re very lucky to have a longstanding relationship with the cafe having worked with them previously to raise money for a number of other projects. It is fantastic to find a local cafe so keenly invested in the community and open to partnership with other businesses and projects like ours.

We are incredibly grateful for their support and look forward to building a long future business relationship.

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