Our First Original Musical

Our First Original Musical

We’re delighted to announce the first project for The Argosy Theatre Company.

‘The House of Edgar’ is an original gothic horror musical, written by Argosy’s Thomas F. Arnold, based on the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe. The show will use folk-styled songs to retell some of Poe’s most famous stories, weaving them into a ghostly new tale.

Edgar Allan Poe is dead. His reputation ruined and his legacy crumbling. His work is all that remains. As Rufus Griswold prepares to take control of Poe’s estate, echoes of the past begin to emerge. Inside these walls, are the stories simply marks upon a page, or something else entirely?

In August, we will be taking the show up ot Edinburgh for a 3 week run in the Fringe Festival. As the world’s largest arts festival, with thousands of acts performing at hundreds of venues across the city, this will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase our new work and build the reputation of Argosy.

We will be performing at theSPACE on the Mile (Venue 39) from the 5 – 27 August at 10:10pm – an ideal slot for a horror musical!

You can find lots more information about the show here.

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